Durant Family Medicine Clinic


• 2 weeks paid vacation
• $2000.00 signing bonus

• Competitive salary and benefits
• Hewlett Packard computer
• Insurance and Liability protection through MCSO           Hospital which pays for the resident and his/her eligible dependents
• Each resident has their own carrel/office with desk, ergonomic chair, and telephone
• Reimbursed relocation expenses up to $2000.00
• Paid CME time
• Covered expenses are vast and include professional dues, travel expenses and AOBFP Certification Allowance
• 2 lab coats monogrammed with the resident’s name
• Free laundry service for resident lab coats
• Professional dues paid for the AOA, Oklahoma Osteopathic Association membership, and American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians membership, all of which are mandatory, as well as Oklahoma licensure, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) licensure, and Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBNDD) licensure.
• Registration and travel fees including lodging and meals for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Basic Life Support.
• Registration fee, travel, lodging and meals for initial attempt at passing COMLEX III.
• Lake Texoma proximity, with many recreational activities including fishing, camping, hunting and water sports, within 10 miles from hospital
• Many nearby cultural activities due to proximity to Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the Choctaw Nation
• Proximity to Choctaw Casino, Durant, OK with headliner acts featured weekly
• Resident call room
• Three meals a day provided at MCSO Hospital
• Team physicians for SOSU Savage Storm athletic teams
• Call can be taken from home
• Vast moonlighting opportunities in nearby underserved communities such as Coalgate, McAlester and Atoka.


The first 12 months of training is an intense, hospital based training. The purpose of this year is to have the resident gain basic medical knowledge and improve critical thinking skills that will allow an increased measure of autonomy of our residents. During the first year of training the resident will receive a comprehensive set of training with primary care physicians, internal medicine specialists, critical care, family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia, radiology, and emergency medicine.

The second and third year of training is more clinic-based medicine with an emphasis on clinical procedures and management of chronic conditions. Moonlighting is encouraged, but not required, after the first 6 months of the second year of training. We encourage moonlighting as an additional method to give our residents real-world experience.  Many of our residents have set up pipelines to local emergency rooms that are available for our residents for moonlighting.

The in-service exam is required every year and is typically given in October. During the third year of training the resident is required to complete the AOBFP board exam.

To ensure residents graduate with the expected competencies, the residents will keep logs and procedural benchmarks throughout the residency with our computerized system, New Innovations. The program director is also required to maintain a competency based evaluation documentation on each resident throughout their training.

As an osteopathic based program, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is taught throughout all patient care settings. It is expected that all residents will incorporate the osteopathic philosophy in all patient encounters. This occurs though a combination of didactics and clinical observation.

First YearSecond Year
Family Medicine Teaching Service1 month5 months
Nights2 monthsNone
Radiology/Anesthesiology1 monthNone
ICU1 monthNone
Internal Medicine/Geriatrics1 month4 months
General Surgery1 monthNone
Pediatrics2 months2 months
Obstetrics/Gynecology2 months2 months
Emergency Medicinenone (included in nights)2 months
Sports MedicineNone1 month
General Elective1 month4 months
Surgical ElectiveNone4 months


Family Medicine Teaching Service

The Family Medicine Teaching Service rotation is carried out in the hospital, continuity clinic, and at the SOSU Student Health Clinic.  This rotation serves to expose the resident to a broad set of experiences in the small community setting.  The resident will also have the opportunity to serve in community screening clinics, school athletic programs, preventative medicine clinics..


The nights rotation is a first year only rotation in which the intern will be house officer for the hospital at night from 5 nights a week. When not on the floor responding to calls the resident will be in the emergency department were they are actively seeing patients with the emergency room physician one on one.


In the Radiology/Anesthesiology rotation  as an intern you will spend 2 weeks learning how to interpret radiological studies and when to order the proper studies. The other 2 weeks will be spent with an Anesthesiologist where you will get experience with intubations, central lines, lumbar punctures and many more procedures.


During your ICU month your will spend your time in the ICU learning critical care medicine from multiple attending physicians. There you will participate in the care of vasopressor management, ventilator management, nutritional management and many more aspects of critical care.

Internal Medicine
During your first year you will spend a month with Dr. Khetpal who is one of our local cardiologists who also has a very large patient panel that he manages in the hospital. During your second and third year you will have two months with both Dr. Gordon and Dr. Jaiswal. Dr. Gordon serves as one of our local hospitalists along with a personal practice. With Dr. Jaiswal you will learn more about geriatric medicine as he has an extensive geriatric practice.

General Surgery
During this month you will spend time with one of our local surgeons. You will learn how to preoperatively clear a patient, learn surgical indications, and assist with surgeries. 

During your two months as a first year and your two months in second and third year you will get extensive exposure to all aspects of pediatrics through Dr. Akin and Dr. Simulescu. You will work both in the hospital and the clinic setting and will expected to help manage the nursery.

During your first year of residency you will spend 2 months in the Woman’s Center acting as house officer. You will have an assigned physician who will supervise your training but will be involved in all deliveries in our center. During your second and third year your focus is more on office based obstetrics and gynecology with you determining your attending you wish to rotate with. 

Emergency Medicine
In emergency medicine you will be assigned a determined number of shifts to rotate in the emergency room. You will learn the process of triage, critical emergency medicine, resuscitative efforts, how to manage a mass tragedy, and when patient can be sent home or needs admission.

Sports Medicine
You will spend two weeks with one of our local orthopedic surgeons learning about common orthopedic injuries and their management. The other two weeks you will spend with the local trainers at Southeastern Oklahoma State University where you will learn about concussion management, taping for injuries, and other sports related injuries.

General Electives
We have many electives available including but not limited to:
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Surgical Elective
We have many surgical electives including but not limited to:
General Surgery